Sunday, October 17, 2010

Review: Oakland Primanti's


It's getting colder outside, which means it's time to pack on that bulk for the winter hibernation and eat some Primanti's!  Yesterday we went to the Oakland Primanti's (and subsequently watched the Pens demolish the Flyers), and we have thoughts.  First off, the sandwiches at this Primanti's seemed to be a lot heftier than those in the Strip.  Soroush (aforementioned 'manimal' in the Strip experience) believes the sandwiches to be jucier at the Oakland location, which I guess is possible.  Annie and I got the turkey and cheese, and James got the cappy.  Standard.
We had a lot of visitors this trip (holla Katie S, Erin, Bill, Katie F, Danielle, Jason, Kyra, Soroush, Steve, and Danielle's friend who I can't remember your name.  I'm pretty sure you won't read this blog, and therefore won't be offended).  Seemed like the general consensus is that this is our favorite Primanti's so far.  My one complaint is that IC Light is only available in bottles, and sometimes you need half a liter of IC Light (above in the picture is Yuengling) in order to really feel at one with your city, especially during such a great Pittsburgh sports weekend as this one was.

James and I had a conversation, and I would like some input from the readers (all 5 of you).  James believes Primanti's to be an acceptable place for a Pittsburgh first date, since both you and the date will be messy and probably have food in your hair (I put "Pittsburgh first date" in order to clarify that only Pittsburgh girls will appreciate this as a date location, since traditionally the guy takes a girl to a classier joint).  Therefore, the girl or guy won't feel embarassed by his or her messy eating habits.  My opinion is just to minimize those food/hair opportunities and just go somewhere else.  General thoughts?

Finally, I would just like to say that this weekend was extraordinary for Pittsburgh sports.  Little feels better than a victory over Philly, especially when Sid scores 2 goals, and that merriment definitely spread into the rest of the night (see pics below).  And what up Steelers over the Brownies.

Soroush wanted a braid

I'm not sure where our next pursuit will take place, as we have no idea which Primanti's was founded next.  Hopefully we can overcome this challenge, and we'll let you know when we go.

Until next time, eat on!

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