Monday, October 4, 2010

Stop #1


So we did our first stop on Saturday at the Primanti's in the Strip.  I had visitors from Philadelphia (shoutout to Kate, Joa, Erika, and Steph) and a few other friends came for the ride too (what up Soroush, Bill, and Katie), and since us bloggers plus our guests were such a large posse, we ended up sitting in 2 separate groups.  Note for the future - lines are Primanti's on a Saturday afternoon are enormous!  While I would like to think that the line was so long because our blog is so baller and everyone reads it, the more likely reason is that it was a beautiful Pittsburgh fall day and Pitt was about to play a few hours later.

Inside, where the magic happens

Kate, Erika, and Joa devouring

Anyways, Annie and I had the turkey and cheese, and James devoured the capicola.  All around delicious, as expected.  Some additional highlights of the trip include a woman selling baklava table to table ($1 - bargain), our saucy waiter, and Soroush housing 2 sandwiches.  Manimal.

Our next stop will be the Primanti's in Oakland, and we'll let you know when we figure out when we will go.  Until then, eat on. 

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  1. Just gonna holla back at chelsea and the primanti pursuits krew, thanks for the invite